• Welcome to Eisho-ji.

    We bring together the classical tradition of Soto Zen, founded by Dogen Zenji in the 13th Century, with the contemporary world. We attempt to protect and preserve the time tested Zen practice begun by Dogen and carried though the centuries in the Soto lineages. At the same time, we want to address the many challenges and opportunities of the contemporary world.

  • Although we remain flexible and open to these challenges, we also believe that it is important to maintain continuity with and deep respect for the Soto Zen tradition in Japan. We want to have our feet securely in both worlds: the demands and culture of our time as well as the venerable institutions and practices of Soto Zen in Japan.

  • Our spiritual founder is the Reverend Minimizawa, vice abbot of the headquarter temple Eihei-ji (the training monastery, founded by Dogen, located in present day Fukui Prefecture). Our spiritual leader is Resident Priest and Operating Director Kosho Itagaki.


  • Roshi Minamizawa

  • Kosho Itagaki

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