• The Northwest Zen Community has a practice community in Bellevue as well as Seattle, in addition to its social action group and its center for the academic inquiry into Zen. Contact us.

  • The Bellevue Zen Center

    The Bellevue Zen Center, a practice community, is currently located at Koei-kan Karate-do in Bellevue, and is open to new and continuing members. Its' spiritual founders are Sharif Robles, the chief instructor of the Academy of the Koei-kan Karate-do and Tiffany 'Douki' Robles, the assistant instructor of Koei-kan. If you would like to join us, please sign up from Bellevue Zen Center.

  • The Seattle Zen Center

    The Seattle Zen Center, a practice community, is open to new and continuing members. Currently it is affiliated with the Seattle University EcoSangha. If you would like to sit with the EcoSangha, please contact Jason Wirth or see their website: EcoSangha or Seattle Zen Center.

  • Oneness Community

    The Oneness Community is our branch of social action and “engaged Buddhism,” and it is open to practitioners of all traditions and all other people of good will who are open to engaging the problems and difficulties of the world in a positive way.

  • Academic Study of Zen

    This is the research arm of the Northwest Zen Community and it is chief facilitator is Dr. Jason Wirth of the philosophy Department at Seattle University. The Academic Study of Zen is open to all members who want to pursue academic inquiries into Buddhism in general and Zen in particular. We maintain a small library to support these activities. We also sponsor an annual Soto Zen Seminar, held every October at Seattle University.

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